Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome to the class of 2024!

The class of 2024 got off to a good start on Thursday. I have 18 darlings in my full-day class!

Today we started a week of activities surrounding the favorite book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? I love reviewing colors and introducing the kids to characteristics of print. Of course we talked about the cover, title, author, and illustrator, and today we read the book for enjoyment. The rest of the week we will read for a purpose - looking for "popcorn" words, comparing different versions of the story, and acting out the story. We will also tie in math and science wherever possible. We did a math sorting and graphing activity today using gummy bears.

First we sorted them by color:

Then we graphed our gummy bears:

After we talked about our graphs, we got to eat our gummy bears! Mmmmmm...

I created the sorting and graphing sheets the kids used. If you would like them, here they are:

Gummy Bear Sort Sheet

Gummy Bear Graph Sheet

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pinterest Linky Party

Michelle at Michelle's Math in the Middle is having a pinterest linky party. If you just can't get enough of Pinterest, hop on over and link up!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Summer Purchases from Target, Dollar Tree, etc.

OK, so I went to post my latest purchases a few weeks ago, and realized that my pictures had somehow been deleted from my phone. I had already taken most of the stuff in to my classroom, so I had to wait until this week to go in and get new pictures. So finally, here they are:

From Dollar Tree:

Oversized Coloring Pads (to use for tracing animals, since I can't draw!), dinosaur skeletons, frog glowstick (to use as a pointer), palm tree bulletin board accents, crayola color books for independent reading

Shark, flamingo, and monkey hats for acting out stories, a bubble wand pointer, simple board books for independent reading, several packages of sight word cards, palm tree drink stirrers for pointers, star-shaped ice cube trays to use as ten-frames, rubber placemats to cut down on dice noise

A basket and glass beads to hold large pointers, popcorn bags to decorate our popcorn word board

Several books for independent and theme reading

Divided trays for sorting and community supplies, magnetic art for a fine motor activity, flashcards for math and literacy stations, police and firefighter guys for manipulatives, ice cream bowls for a fine motor activity (spooning pompoms)

Tiki ice cube trays for ten-frames, ice cream cone dishes for "sharp" and "needs to be sharpened" pencils, popcorn bowls for a literacy game, dinosaur hats for acting out stories

More popcorn and hot dog bowls for word work, frog pen for a pointer, inflatable chicka tree

From Target Dollar Spot:

Books for theme and independent reading, foam hammer for a word work game, sand pail, colander and measuring spoons for the sensory bin, animal sounds flashcards, a cute post-it pack, and a zippered lanyard pocket to hold the popcorn word of the week

Pocket charts with stands and without, books for independent and theme reading, math and alphabet bingo games, number and alphabet puzzles, informational cards, and a star and pencil wooden pointer

Math workmats, letter and star stickers, and a writing utensil caddy

Dice, letter stamps and stamp pads, lip gloss for motivation (rub on the back of their hand), hand-shaped erasers for pointers, and a pack of highlighters/pens just for me(!)

Traffic Signs, Community Workers, and Money flashcards

(OK, not from the Dollar Spot, but I couldn't pass these up!) a miniature frog pillow pet, and a timer with green numbers!

From Walmart:

Frog clips for posters, black and blue sheets for bulletin boards

Mr. Tickle, Mr. Scary, and Miss Helpful plush reading buddies

DVD's for after lunch or indoor recess, frog beach towel for independent reading, paint swatches to cut apart for sorting

A pillowcase (had the pillow form already), a squishy pool noodle, and two pillows, all for independent reading

Two beach chairs for independent reading

Book covers to make these

From JoAnn Fabrics:

Fabric and batting to make these

Frog accents, animal books for tracing onto charts, several pointers, and silicone frog holder

From Dollar General:

Two books-on-cd and an independent reader

From Goodwill:

Books ...

Books ...

And more books ...

And still more books, all for independent and theme reading

Boggle Jr, Dinosaur floor puzzle, 2 packs playing cards for math stations, dominoes, flashcards, and an I-Spy computer game

From Michaels:

"How to Draw" Books

From a local garage sale:

More books and flashcards!

And two games for math & literacy stations.

Whew! It's a lot, but I didn't get it all in one trip, thank goodness! Everywhere we went this summer (including vacation!), I scoped out the local Target and Dollar Tree. Does anyone else do this?

We have a building "retreat" one day this week, open house is next week, and school starts on the 24th. Sadly, the summer is almost over.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Testing to see if my blog is linked to twitter (@krouskopk) and facebook (Nicklin Learning Center - Mrs. K.).
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