Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!

Following Brown Bear, Brown Bear, we read and celebrated Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. I hid magnetic letters in sand, and had the students each find one.

Then they had to match the uppercase magnetic letter in their hand to its lowercase letter on the easel.

Next, we investigated a REAL coconut! We passed it around the circle so we could each use our eyes, hands, and noses to check out this beauty.

I cracked open the coconut (I had never done this before!), and we all got to taste the milk. We were surprised that it wasn't white - it was clear. Some of us predicted it would taste like water - of course we were a little surprised when we found out it is very sweet! Since I was doing the cracking, pouring, and passing out the milk, I didn't get a picture of this activity. :-(

Then we used our magnifying glasses to investigate shredded coconut. This lesson was really just an introduction to using our tools properly and safely. But we had fun!

 (no, this little one is not asleep - she's just waiting her turn with the magnifying glass! :-) )

Then we sorted bandaids. My only problem with this activity was that I didn't have enough different bandaids. I only had three colors, so it was too easy.  So now I know that I need to start stocking up on different shapes, sizes, and styles of bandaids for next year. :-)

Finally, we made Chicka Tree Glyphs using the letters of our names. Girls have pink paper, boys have orange paper, and the number of coconuts = the number of siblings the student has. Enjoy!

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I am flipping my Kindergarten classroom as well, you have way more than I and I have used utube and not created my own yet..... but I need more vision... thanks for your great site!
Pam Peterson

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